Organ Impro

Why train with
Organ Impro?

Trust yourself

Sometimes we are afraid to improvise in public due to lack of confidence or experience. With “Organ-Impro”, you can start by improvising at home, without fearing to be criticized ear, and gain enough confidence to launch yourself once you feel ready.

A team at your service

Organ-Impro is first and foremost a team of enthusiastic people who wishes to pass on the taste for improvisation to organists throughout the world through quality training, both in terms of content and substance.

Your progress is our reward

Organ-Impro’s approach is above all educational: working with a clear structure and using tailor-made exercises, all with a precise objective in mind: your progress. In addition, we want the teaching material to be quickly assimilated and therefore used in real life.

Saving you time

Even if we are passionate about the organ, we can be frustrated by not being able to practice enough because of our many daily activities. Thanks to our website, you can save some of your precious time and concentrate on your practice.

Feed your motivation

Being an organist can sometimes be a lonely job. This can lead to a gradual loss of motivation. With our website, you will meet a multitude of recognized organists who will keep you motivated by helping you to discover new harmonies, new sound universe, new composers, etc. In short, it will broaden your musical horizon.

Training courses for enthusiastic organists