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Organ Impro

Targeted lessons to learn how to improvise

Each video recording focuses on a substance and a style. You will learn how to perform one or two short improvisations so that you can quickly assimilate all the content and not wander off.

A clear structure for learning organ improvisation

Each course is structured in chapters, allowing you to organize your learnings efficiently step by step.

Travel and discover the best organists!

In one click, you could find yourself at prestigious tribunes and benefit from the advice of the best improvising organists.

Training courses for enthusiastic organists

Through its training courses, the ambition of “organ-impro” is to broaden your musical horizon and to enrich your own improvisational language. Discover some new sound universe and get to know some great organists from abroad.

About Organ Impro

Organ Impro is a team of enthusiastic people who wishes to offer organ improvisation training courses.

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Cours de Thierry Escaich

Lesson by Thierry Escaich

Avec l'un des plus grands improvisateurs de notre époque, travaillez la passacaille et la paraphrase grégorienne.

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Why train with Organ Impro?

With one click, “Organ-Impro” wants to make the learning of this art accessible to you. This would be often transmitted orally, by listening to colleagues at their tribune or by taking lessons from specialist organists, some of whom might live on the other side of the world.

Learning from great organists

“Organ-Impro” wants to highlight the fact that approaching improvisation with several teachers is one of our greatest asset: each one having his own musical language, working method, influences and personality. All the training courses are therefore designed to create complementarity so that you can discover a broad range of different musical worlds.

Overcoming the problem of distance

Unfortunately, travelling to a different country just to listen to an organist, to discover an instrument or to receive a lesson can cost a lot of money and time. Therefore, how amazing it would be to be able to teleport yourself to your chosen tribune and discover the savoir-faire of some of the greatest improvisers of Europe! Thanks to “Organ-Impro”, this is now possible!

Making improvisations accessible

When you are lucky enough to listen to some majestic improvisation in a great cathedral, you might sometimes feel unable to reproduce or analyze what you heard because of the flood of notes. However, even if you see the organist’s fingers, you might still miss of lot of information.

Focused and structured method

Even if there are already several written methods on the subject, we can quickly feel like drowning under the huge number of information or even lost when faced with a lack of clear structure. That is why, at “organ-impro”, each chapter is created to give you a proper support. Each training course deals with only one or two subjects, gives you a clear working structure and offers a series of exercises in order to quickly assimilate the style or form proposed by the organist.